About WEISS North America


The WEISS North America Team

The markets are changing and we are moving with this change. As the world’s leading manufacturer of automation solutions, WEISS has always closely supported our customers.

With our enhanced solutions philosophy we continue along this road and respond to new market demands.

“Our customers want stronger solutions expertise that is both interdisciplinary and comprehensive,”

explains Uwe Weiss, owner of WEISS GmbH.

Proximity to our customers in all its forms is our guiding principle along this journey.

Interplay of Expertise

We are expanding our spectrum of expertise considerably within the scope of this realignment. Alongside our know-how in mechatronics, we also offer expertise in services, industries, processes and supply chain management. The interplay of all these aspects plays a vital role in allowing us to cover all of our customers’ requirements.

One Step Closer to the Customer

We are represented where our customers need us. We are present in all important markets with our own subsidiaries. But we are not only present – every market is different and has its own special characteristics. That’s why we know your industry and your processes. This allows us to build a bridge between your requirements and the potential held by our solutions.

A New Form of Reliability

The term “reliability” is a central value of the WEISS brand – after all, the rotary indexing table, our main product, is the heart of every system. If it works, so does everything else. But what will be even more important in future is the reliable solutions expertise of our consultants, from the selection of products and system design, right up to process optimization.

Different Yet the Same, All Over the World

Every one of our subsidiaries all over the world moves in time with the challenges of its respective market. That’s why we give our subsidiaries the freedom they need to react individually to local demands. But, however flexible they are, at its heart WEISS is always WEISS.

If you’re interested in how WEISS has become a global automation leader, here is a brief timeline.


Dieter Weiss founds WEISS KG in Neckarweihingen near Ludwigsburg, Germany. Right from the outset he was determined to go his own way. His motto was not to follow the crowd and produce a similar product, but to be a step ahead with a new one.


The product development strategy is to produce rotary indexing tables that simply won’t break. This is still the defining feature of every WEISS product today.

Two years after the company was founded, the first WEISS rotary indexing table is shipped.


Sales reach one million Deutschmarks.

The company relocates to Buchen in the Odenwald forest, where it is still located today.


Technical breakthrough in rotary indexing tables with the development of the TS series.

Introduction of the control card for rotary indexing tables. The complete solution: control system and mechanics from a single source.


Continuous growth and expansion of production capacity at the plant in Buchen.


The TC-X series is the first generation of rotary indexing tables with a cylinder cam mechanism.


TC-T is a new generation of fixed-cycle rotary indexing tables in sizes TC120 to TC1000 (left: TC-T 150).

The EF-frequency converter control system minimizes wear on the drive motor (right).


The next generation is waiting in the wings: Uwe Weiss completes his studies and joins the company.

Development of the TR: the world’s first rotary indexing ring with a large central opening.


SH75: the first user-programmable lifting-rotating unit.


Introduction of the LS280 high-speed linear assembly system in a modular design.


Servomechanical drive concept for transporting heavy loads: the CR heavy duty table. Rotary indexing tables become user-programmable for the first time.

New generation of Pick and Place and TO Torque Rotary Table products based on directly driven high-performance modules.

Introduction of the WEISS Application Software for quick and easy parameterisation of all user-programmable WEISS components.

Implementation of the drive technology in cooperation with our partner B&R.


Consistent internationalisation with new subsidiaries in Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, England and North America


Market launch of the W.A.S. control concept for the LS280.

Again, implementation takes place in cooperation with our partner B&R.

Expansion of manufacturing facilities at the Buchen site with an additional 9,800 m² of production and manufacturing space.


Entry into the “cleanroom assembly applications” market segment with the CLEANLINE. Development of a cleanroom-compliant design for HP140T, LS280, TC150T and TO220.

Expansion of the handling segment with development of the highly dynamic HL/HN linear motor axes and ST/SW rotary modules. Each is available with an absolute encoder.

The TW with hybrid drive: an integrated torque motor combined with high-accuracy gear reduction.


Increased presence in Asia with subsidiaries in Singapore and China. The photo shows the Chinese ceremony for the opening of the subsidiary in Shanghai.

The largest torque rotary table to date, the TO1300, combines the advantages of direct drive with a high torque of 26,000 Nm.


Expansion of the customer-specific systems division. The image shows a complex handling and processing module for
laser machining.

Market launch of the WAS control concept with Rockwell for the LS280. In addition, standardised cell wiring is developed for the two control concepts from Rockwell and B&R.


Our compact powerhouse: the directly driven HP70 with two linear motor axes arranged in parallel. Just 60 mm wide with up to 325 mm horizontal stroke and 70 mm vertical stroke.

The DirectDrive solutions are rendered compatible for use with third-party control systems, such as Bosch.

EF2 – the new generation of control systems for fixed-cycle WEISS rotary indexing tables. Intuitive web-based operability for maximum convenience and fast start-up.

WEISS celebrates its 45-year anniversary.


New addition to the CR heavy duty range: The small tables with a plate diameter of 300 or 400 millimetres offer all advantages associated with servo mechanics and enable load ratings unrivalled for tables of this size. The variety of possible installation locations enables a wide range of applications.

New HG25 and HG12 linear motor axes based on aluminium profile. State-of-the-art linear technology at the same price level as conventional drives – while offering significantly greater precision and a more compact overall design.


Presenting W.A.S.2. The WEISS Application Software allows the user to commission and control all automated WEISS components, whether individually or combined as a multi-component system.

The WEISS app brings the WEISS philosophy of operator convenience to smartphones and mobile terminals.

The practical tool calculates the acting forces both quickly and conveniently and assists the user in selecting components.