Uniquely Shaped Index Dial Plate Accommodates Robotic Inertia Performance And Ergonomic Efficiencies

A pioneer of direct-drive pick & place and multiple-axis modules, industry leading specialist for rotary tables and automation, WEISS (Buchen, Germany), and its subsidiary WEISS North America, Inc. (Willoughby, OH), provided two chassis systems featuring a unique, octagon-shaped, 45.68″ diameter index dial plate. The plate footprint was properly sized to match the WEISS eight station … Read more

WEISS Rotary Indexing Tables Expand Robotic Polishing Processing Options For Complex Geometries

Since the 1980s, SHL (Böttingen, Germany) has been leveraging industrial robots for its automated grinding, polishing, and deburring systems for the automotive, medical, and processing industries. Typically, heavy duty robots with powerful articulated-arms seem somewhat oversized for the delicate tasks and complex geometries such as polishing roof rails and trim for cars. In depth consultation … Read more