Large Rotary Table Technology & Precision Proves Size Is A Non-Issue

Fast, Versatile, Reusable. WEISS has begun a new chapter in the history of the rotary table with the introduction of their Torque Range (TO) Series of indexing tables. This high-tech drive that operates predominantly without mechanics or gearboxes is the logical response to changing market requirements and ever-changing customer demands. Until recently, these direct-drive tables were limited to a diameter of just 750 mm but this new large rotary table is a game changer. WEISS has revolutionized the market and expanded beyond the traditional limits with the introduction of the TO1300, making applications possible that previously seemed out of reach.


WEISS TO1300 Large Rotary TableWEISS prides itself on research and development, especially when it comes to complex customer requests and demands. The development of the new torque table TO1300 resulted from continued customer requests for the traditional boundaries to be breached. When developing the Torque Range there was a focus on all aspects that would make this line the market leader that WEISS demands.

As a result of the development of the TO1300, the expectations placed on the WEISS engineering team exceeded their initial requirements. They were able to develop the TO1300 with a stipulated high mass inertia of 160 kgm2 and a large increment of 45°, with extremely fast cycles; a switching time of 0.21 seconds and a standstill time of 0.29 seconds.

The usual choice for construction would historically stem from a heavy duty mechanical table, but due to the gearing ratio, these tables do not fare well in service life calculations for use at such high speeds, as the needle bearings simply suffer from too much wear. The WEISS engineers concluded that the alternative to this is a direct drive, which heralded the birth of the TO1300 large rotary table.

With direct drive technology, only one bearing is under load, and this is virtually free of backlash. The table then has low-wear and is easily capable of delivering any desired performance. In addition, its ability to cover a significantly more versatile range of tasks – including repeat use, allows for customers to tap into new added value potential.


WEISS offers direct-drive rotary indexing tables in many sizes, ranging from small to enormous. The most suitable solution for the respective task is then selected from this wide range of options, as it is understood that an “out of the box” solution may not be right for every process. When working with WEISS, their team of engineers work closely with each and every customer, regardless of size and budgets, to provide the best solution possible for any and all process and production concerns. If there is a need for full or partial customization, WEISS will maintain and usually exceed the standards set by each and every customer requirement.

WEISS has over ten years of expertise in the development of torque motors and technology. It is understood that for a 50 year-old company, the technology needs to continually adapt to the ever-changing market, and WEISS continues to be willing to set the standards for others to follow.

This thought process was a prerequisite for the development and launch of the TO1300. Smaller components such as the TO150, TO220 and TO750 still exist and will continue to lead the market in their respected areas, they will however continue to adapt as well; i.e. the TO220 is now available in a version with a cleanroom certificate.

One of the many industry leading characteristics of the TO1300 large rotary table is that customers can, with the ability to align the table to their own individual requirements, make a modular selection between bearings, encoder and motor, and thus alter the following table characteristics:

  • Drive torque variable through different motor lengths
  • Rated power variable through water cooling option
  • Table speed variable through various combinations of motor/bearing/control technology (field weakening)
  • Precision variable through optical or magnetic measuring system
  • Method of functioning variable through incremental or absolute encoder

Torque rotary table TO 1300 Benefits:

  • User-programmable direct drive
  • Extremely dynamic
  • Medium loads
  • High speeds of up to 80 rpm
  • Peak torque of up to 26,600 Nm
  • Non-wearing
  • Water cooling available for high continuous output
  • Absolute measuring system
  • Overload-protected through temperature sensor
  • Non-contact labyrinth seal with sealing air

WEISS TO1300 Large Rotary Table Specifications