WEISS Large Plate Machining Value Added Service

This is a time lapse video of the WEISS Large Plate Machining Capabilities. This is a value added service that we offer to all of our customers.

The plate depicted in this video was specified by UC Berkeley for a very complex test fixture and measures 93″. The plate has over 1,400 holes that are machined, tapped and chamfered – not including the mounting holes for the indexer.

This application is representative of the size and scale of large plate machining that WEISS can offer to our customers directly from our Willoughby, Ohio facility. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for your large plate machining needs.

WEISS North America offers Fixed-Station Rotary Indexing Tables, Freely Programmable Rotary Tables, Linear Assembly Systems, Handling Modules, Application Software, Custom Machine Chassis, Custom Dial Plates and Customer-Specific Solutions to serve the automation needs of our customers.

We offer world-class products, service and support and stand behind everything we do with an “Industry Best 4 Year Standard Warranty”.

WEISS Coordinate Measuring Machine Process (CMM) Delivers Reassurance To Customers

Here is a video of the WEISS Coordinate Measuring Machine Process (CMM) that is performed as a value added service for our customers when required.

WEISS provides this value added service to our customer for a nominal cost depending on the numbers of point that need to be measured. During this process, WEISS loads the actual solid model into the CMM software which enables us to compare the final production dial or plate with the customer’s solid model and plot the difference, if any.

The results of this procedure are extremely valuable to many of our customers and the resulting data provided is a great asset during implementation when it comes to mounting high precision tooling.

Large Rotary Table Technology & Precision Proves Size Is A Non-Issue

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WEISS TR1100 Fixed-Station Rotary Indexing Chassis System Drives 24 Station Medical Assembly Performance Efficiencies

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WEISS TC Series Rotary Table Leverages Anvil Design Element For Welding System’s Heavy Duty Force Requirements

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WEISS Rotary Indexing Tables Expand Robotic Polishing Processing Options For Complex Geometries

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WEISS TR1500 Series Rotary Indexing Table Achieves Extreme Automation Accuracy

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WEISS TO Series Direct Drive Rotary Table Overcomes Limits of Pneumatics & Cuts Cycle Time to 0.3 Seconds

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WEISS TR750 Rotary Indexing Tables Facilitate Space & Cost Savings For Recycling Binding System 

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The WEISS CR2600 Heavy Duty Ring Rotary Table With Large Center Opening Help To Achieve Robotic Production Efficiencies

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